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Coming out of graduate school, one of the most common questions we hear is: “What do I need for my speech room?” We put together a short list that answers this question exactly. And, as always, if you are still looking for a school based SLP job, we have jobs available across the country! Click HERE to see our available jobs.

Let’s jump in to our top 5 tools:

1. A personal laminator— Don’t forget the laminating sheets!
Laminators save the day when you find something that you want to use as a therapy tool over and over again.

2. Dry erase board & dry erase markers
These are great for therapy because they save time and paper supplies. It’s so easy to work with kids on a small dry erase board and they love drawing on them too! Dry erase markers are always handy to have in conjunction with your laminator also because you can draw on all of your laminated worksheets.

3. Velcro coins
The possibilities are endless with velcro coins. Stick them on the back of commonly used items and therapy materials in your room (or even the worksheet cutouts that you’ve just laminated 😉 ), and immediately they can help your therapy materials turn into a bingo or matching game.

4. Yay Data
Yay data is one of the best data collecting apps we’ve found! If you have an iPhone, you might consider downloading it. You can track more than one goal at a time and it has sounds for positive reinforcement when your student does something correctly.

5. 10 Drawer Rolling Cart
There are a ton of speech categories you work on in therapy. This is great for your room storage! You can create sticky note labels on the front of each drawer to keep you straight on what category speech materials you have in each drawer.

We hope these help! Happy speeching everyone!