Congratulations to Meghan Johnson for receiving our Inaugural “Therapist of the Year” Award. Meghan Johnson is an Occupational Therapist in Forsyth County and has been a devoted therapist with the company since 2002.

Therapist of the year is awarded based on feedback from School principals, district staff, and peers. When asked how Meghan demonstrates pride in her work, a teacher said this, “You know that someone is prideful of their work when they smile and laugh even when we are handling difficult situations. Meghan does not shy away from students who need extensive behavior support as it requires to increase their fine motor needs. But best of all is that she does it with a smile (and some good laughs along the way). Her commitment to the kids, their needs and her intrinsic desire to be a valued and respected member of the larger team.”

Meghan embodies what it means to be a leader, and a team player. Comprehensive Therapy Consultants would like to thank Meghan for her passion and dedication to her students. Way to Go Meghan!!!